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Availability indicators

AvailableAvailable. A good time to meet or call. Set the start and end times.

Possibly availablePossibly available. Add time before the start and after the end of the available times.

Not availableUnavailable. Not a good time for a meeting or a call.


There are two types of widgets: static and interactive.

Static widgets can be added to the Today and Home views. These widgets are refreshed on a schedule by iOS for top performance, and some options are not available.

Interactive widgets can only be added to the Today View. You can check future times and get additional details without having to open the app.

Smart meeting planner

For a unique representation of the best possible meeting times, tap on the chart button (spider web) to get the meeting scores around a 24-hour scale. The closer the orange edge to the outer circle the better the score. Slide the red marker around to the time that works best for you.

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